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Mission Statement

Mission Statement
To assist Hawaii's elders and people with disabilities to maintain or achieve a comfortable, secure and independent lifestyle through individualized daily money management and related asset management.

Core Values
The leadership and staff are driven by compassion, and the organization at its core is mission-driven not profit-driven, which was the case at the organization's founding and is still very much the case today. Staff are advocates for elders, and interact with clients and family in a patient, caring manner. The organizational culture is to treat clients with the same respect and level of care as would be given to one's own family members. CSI's core values are its greatest strengths.

Compassion     -     Solutions     -     Integrity

Q: How can CSI help someone with dementia?
A: A family member or guardian must already have legal authority to make financial decisions on behalf of the client.

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Based on my personal experience in which my firm has worked in tandem with CSI, I recommend CSI, without reservation, to those in need of trustee, guardianship or conservatorship services
- Scott A. Makuakane, Attorney, Est8Planning Counsel LLLC
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