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CSI, Inc. & Attorneys
Why choose CSI?

No Red Tape
  • Time is money. CSI is a small, knowledgeable agency that can respond to you quickly and efficiently.
  • When petitioning for Appointment of Conservatorship before a judge, you don't have time for delays. CSI is cognizant of the deadlines and works with you for a quick turnaround.
You're the Boss
  • CSI believes that no one knows your client better than you do. As a result, you remain in control of the client relationship. Referring attorneys have open invitations to attend CSI's client meetings, and attorneys are given the contact information of the CSI Financial Case Manager (FCM).
Unique Social Work Knowledge Base
  • In addition to CSI's understanding of legal and administrative protocols, it also has an excellent knowledge of State and Federal government services.
  • CSI has previous hands-on experience with local social services and are adept at dealing with the many conditions that may arise for clients and their families.
Lower Fees
  • CSI does not require a retainer.
  • CSI does not charge a percentage of assets under management. Instead, an hourly fee of $155 per hour is billed.
Highly Trained
  • CSI's staff is highly trained and experienced in navigating the complexities involved in administering various trusts.
  • CSI has staff experienced with Hawaii's legal, financial, and social service regulations.
Court Appointed
  • CSI is regularly appointed as Conservator by the courts. Since 1987, CSI has been appointed to administer numerous cases and has successfully managed millions of dollars of Conservatorship assets.
Charitable Status
  • In a typical year, CSI is able to provide over $90,000 in subsidized services for clients with limited resources.
No Asset Thresholds
  • CSI can generally accept accounts valued below $400,000; other trust companies and banks typically do not accept cases below this threshold.
  • Because CSI is a non-profit, its sole stakeholders are its clients and the community at large.
  • CSI does not have to report to stockholders with a profit motive. There are no outside political influences; CSI's focus is on assisting its clients to the best of its ability.
  • All meetings with referred clients are open. Once an attorney refers a client to CSI, that attorney has an open invitation to attend any/all meetings that CSI holds with the client.
  • CSI is regularly audited by the courts, beneficiaries, and/or attorneys.
You Look Good
  • With CSI's quick turnaround, expertise, and charitable status, you always look good to your clients.
  • CSI's promise to attorneys is to remain in constant communication so that they are never surprised by what is happening with their clients.

Home  > Attorneys > Overview | FAQs |  Why CSI? | Refer Now

Q: How safe are the assets? Can they be lost or stolen?
A: CSI is never in direct possession of financial assets. They are kept in FDIC-insured institutions.

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Based on my personal experience in which my firm has worked in tandem with CSI, I recommend CSI, without reservation, to those in need of trustee, guardianship or conservatorship services
- Scott A. Makuakane, Attorney, Est8Planning Counsel LLLC
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