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Attorney FAQs

Q: What is CSI's minimum asset criteria?
A: There is no asset threshold. Clients are accepted on a case-by-case basis. Each account is reviewed thoroughly to determine if CSI is the best fit.

Q: What is the process for accepting a new client? How long does the process usually take?
  1. CSI will request basic information about the client.
  2. Within three working days, CSI will review the initial referral and follow up with any additional questions.
  3. Next, a CSI Financial Case Manager will contact the referring party to request an initial meeting, if there are no immediate concerns or potential conflicts.
  4. CSI will offer you and/or your client a free consultation.
  5. Lastly, CSI will determine if the case can be accommodated and notify you.
Q: What are your rates?
A: We generally charge $155 per hour.

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Home  > Attorneys > Overview | FAQs |  Why CSI? | Refer Now

Q: How does CSI help people?

A: CSI helps protect the assets of those who may be vulnerable to financial loss by providing oversight. CSI provides fast and accurate personal bookkeeping and acts as a neutral third party in handling family assets. Professionals use CSI because it is knowledgeable, fast and accurate. Families use CSI because it allows them to focus on their loved ones instead of their financial affairs.

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Based on my personal experience in which my firm has worked in tandem with CSI, I recommend CSI, without reservation, to those in need of trustee, guardianship or conservatorship services
- Scott A. Makuakane, Attorney, Est8Planning Counsel LLLC
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